High Performance Computing Architectures & Networks

   Sharif's CE Department

Computer Literacy has become a necessity in the developed and developing countries. Sharif University of Technology (SUT) has three decades of experience in offering Computer Science and Engineering programs. The Department of Computer Engineering which currently is the sole center for offering various computer programs in SUT, is one of the top ranked departments in the country.

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7/27/2018 15:03


The High Performance Computing Architectures and Networks (HPCAN) research group was established by Professor H. Sarbazi-Azad in 2003. The group members are accommodated in the Department of Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, and the IPM School of Computer Science. The main focus of the group includes a wide range of theoretical and algorithmic issues as well as practical and engineering issues in high performance and network-based computing systems. Current research areas include Advanced computer architectures, Network-on-chips, VLSI computing, Multicomputers and multiprocessors, Cluster computing, Grid computing, Supercomputing, and MANET and Sensor networks.